Tuesday, January 29, 2008

YOGA anyone?

Rich Anderson and I made the trip down to kansas siddhi yoga, one of our new sponsors for the 2008 season. Rich has done several classes but this was my first. The 1.5 hour session was great for stretching and can also be a good strength workout, it is also very relaxing. My girlfriend joined me and Rich's wife, Mary, is shadowing the classes. Jenn and I decided to sign up for a 5 session pass and we plan on making this a weekly outing at least until she leaves for work in March. The stretching part of the regimen is only a small part of the yoga experience as Gina, our instructor pointed out during the session, but it was the part that I felt the most that night. Later in the evening as I went to bed I was amazed at how relaxed my neck and back were, I hope to make this a regular part of my training for a long time to come and I recommend it to everyone. Check them out at www.moyoga.com.
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Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose said...

You guys are great, thanks for the props. I do think you'll find that a regular yoga practice is very complimentary to your time on the bike, as my husband Jeff will readily testify to. I'm looking forward to you discovering how yoga benefits you in other ways too, like improved focus and especially, mental stamina, which I know comes in handy on the bike. I wanted to remind current Cow Town riders that you get 25% off class passes at either our downtown KC or Blue Springs studios!

Take care and thanks!

Jennifer said...

Hi Cowtowners! I just wanted to add to Randy's comments that I also felt really great after our yoga session. Beyond the obvious physical benefits, to those of you, like me, burdened with thinking too much, I re-discovered the powerful mental 'cleansing' of yoga. Gina did a great job of setting a very serene mood!