Monday, May 24, 2010

Bike Week Results

Another successful Bike Week here in Kansas City. Total Miles 29, 995 and 1666 gallons saved for the week. Overall Results and Rankings Here.

Cow Town Cycling did great with Jeff Haug taking the Overall Bike Miles Championship with 253 miles. . Chris Locke logged the most overall miles with 297. Jenny McGee stepped up on the podium to collect her 2nd place finish in the Bus Trips division.

Some great results from Cow Town members:

Tim Greene - 181.57 bike miles
David Duerr - 86 bike miles
David Romisch - 40 bike miles
Carolynn Locke - 25 bike miles
Richard Anderson - 245 carpool miles
Andrew Box - 9 miles

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kill Creek 135

Cow Town Cyclings, John Williams is hosting the Kill Creek 135 on Sunday morning. Here is the route. The majority of the route is on one of our favorites - gravel. Gathering up info now and will update later today.

This will be great training for the DK200. Who's on board?

What: Kill Creek 135
When: Sunday Morning - 5/23/10 (9:00am)
Where: Start at Kill Creek Park

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Car Free Challenge Is ON

May 17 - 21st is National Bike week and KC's Car Free Challenge has begun. Cow Town got a team together is doing very well. Check out David Duerr to the right going strong on his way back home. Some results as of Tuesday morning.

Team Rankings:
1. Garmin
2. Cow Town Cycling Team
3. KU Medical Center

Individual Bike Miles
1. Jeffrey Haug (Cow Town)
2. Scott Weast
3. Ford Inbody

Individual All Modes:
1. Richard Anderson (Cow Town)
2. Kyle Riley
3. Jeffrey Haug (Cow Town)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kansas Fat Tire Festival

The UFD series headed west for the Kansas Fat Tire Festival. Great Bends, Kansas is the location for this fine event.

Results are in. A pair of wins for Cow Town with Mike Classen winning the Cat 1 Masters 50+ division and John Wagner winning the Single Speed division. Gerard took home a well deserved 5th place in the Cat 2 40 - 49 division.

Here is a cool video from Bob Arnold.

Be sure to put Wilson Lake down for a nice ride anytime you are heading out to Colorado.