Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cow Town Cross Updates

The 2013 Cyclo-cross season is past the half-way point.  Only a few more events left on the calendar before the State Championships in December.  Luckily for some the season will continue on into January. Maybe we will even get a few snowy cross races like last year. 
A sign that cyclo-cross has moved into a different stage of its life cycle, most event turnouts are lower overall than years past especially in the Beginner categories.  USA Cycling added a Cat 5 division but it appears our area does not need to separate the Cat 4/5 division in most cases. The beginners were once the largest division.  That honor now belongs to the Masters.  Most of the local events have enjoyed strong support from the maturing cyclocross community. The passion from this group of riders have kept the two-a-week races going with many racing twice weekly.

New venues with features like the above are showing up with more regularity. Could these venues and the experience that they provide be turning away the beginners? I know my bad back can only take some many of these rough courses.

Cow Town riders have been spotted at local events.  As the MTB season ends look for a few more the second half of the season.  Or maybe not.  Gravel Grinding season is about to take off in big way....

David Wathen been our most passionate rider. Dave has recently started getting good results after a slow start to the season.  He has his stable of cross rigs all tuned up and ready for battle the remainder of the season. 
Gerard Arantowics  makes a return to racing cross after a 10 year break. A 4th place at last weekends event showed he still has a passion for racing.

Another ride who made a return to cyclocross this year was former De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Champion Doug Stone.  A 5 year break did not slow down Doug much as he has turned in some very good results. Constant podium finishes shows his form improving just in time for the Championships.
Damian Almanza even made an appearance at a local event. Look for the always stylish Damian to bring out his vintage cross rig at some local Shawnee events.
Once a true cross addict, even this guy made an appearance.  That Ritchey Swiss Cross sure is a sweet ride.  Someone needs to take this ride away from this throttle twister and do that bike justice.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Philthy become an Ironman!

While the MTB season has finished up and it cyclocross season here in the Midwest, our members of the Florida division of Cow Town are still enjoying some warm weather and finishing up on their Triathlon season with the Ironman Florida. 

 2700 triathletes participated Saturday's Ironman Florida race.  Participants enjoyed a 2.4 mile swim in the emerald Gulf of Mexico waters.  Next up was a flat and fast 112 mile bike ride where the absence of hills forces a consistent pacing and offers no time to recover.   The final leg is a 26.2 mile run which included the scenic St. Andrew's State Park.

Congratulations to Cow Town own Phil (aka Philthy) Carter who overcame a tore cartilage in his knee to finish the Florida Ironman in 13:33.  This is Philthy's second Ironman distance event. .