Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Sports - Twice the Fun

Spring is just around the corner and the 11th Annual God’s Country Fat Tire Festival is fast approaching. Off-road multisport events like Xterra triathlons and mud runs are rapidly growing.  These events are popular because many athletes enjoy the adventure and added challenges of running and biking on off-road trails.  Off-road events also tend to be friendlier and more “low-key” than their road counterparts.  They appeal to trail runners, mountain bikes and anyone who likes adventure and doesn’t mind getting dirty during a race.

Hurry and save...due to our recent winter weather, regular registration for the off-road Duathlon has been extended until 3/5/13.  This is also the date to guarantee an event t-shirt as we will be placing our order on that date.  Visit for a direct link to registration.

Are undecided about racing?   If you sign up early and can’t attend on race day, we can rollover your registration fee to next year or apply the fee to one of our other events on the calendar.  Now you can have peace of mind and not have to worry.  This guarantee is for both the Duathlon and our Mountain bike event.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wintery Mix #2

Cross racing in February........apparently so!! I represented Cow Town in the CAT3’s at the Wintery Mix #2. They started the 1/2 field at the same time as the CAT3’s, so it was good to start and test my fitness and skills with the elite guys in the area. I hung in with the field for the first ½ to ¾ of a lap, then the 1/2 field started to open up a gap (need to get a little faster before I ever think about upgrading). I felt OK for most of the race, but regretted doing a LT test the day before, as I think if maybe I had been well rested that I might have possibly made the podium. I had one mishap during the race, where I hit one of the dips a little hard while seated way back on my saddle and knocked the nose pointing almost straight up. I rode as best I could on the saddle and grabbed my Ritchey pit bike to finish out the race with 2 to go (I will be switching to a 2 bolt post before next season). I actually enjoyed the course, although the softer areas were tough to power your way through, as it was that thick, unforgiving, wheel grabbing mud. The section with “the ditch” was a blast. The wind was definitely a factor and there was no hiding from it. I ended up 6th for the day and I am happy with the result.

My props to Mark Thomas and crew with the course design.  I had heard it was pretty rough at previous races, but a little rain did wonders.

I want to thank Roger Harrison again for giving me a jump start. I had left my lights on and my battery was dead after the race. Roger is a truly selfless person and has been an important part Kansas City bike racing for years. Thanks for all you do Roger!