Thursday, July 11, 2013

Masons MTB Meltdown Report

I do not think you could have asked for better conditions for the inaugural Masons Midsummer Meltdown mountain bike race.  Luckily for all the temps were low enough to prevent any real meltdowns and recent rains combined with all the trail work that was put into the park showed with trail conditions near perfect.

First time Race Director Cliff Jones  put in a lot of hard work on this event and it showed.  He surrounded himself with a great team and put on a very fine event. 

Cow Town Cycling was out in force and had strong showings in all classes.

The Marathon class get to start out first and they also get to ride for 3+ hours.  We can tell you from experience that that final hour can be trying.  Doug Stone, who by the way is looking splendid in that Cow Town kit, put in some fast lap times and earned a strong 6th place in the highly competitive Marathon class.
After a long two month hiatus James Maynard dusted off his rig and came and to race hard on Sunday.  Result was a visit to the top place on the podium - Congratulations  James on your 1st place in the Cat 3 Men 40-49 division. 

Shane Martin took a break from his job as a Life Guard to come out and play in the dirt.  Shane only got lost once but still was able to earn a 2nd place in the Junior division. 

Looks like we know where Shane gets his MTB skills from.  His father Donald had a great showing to earn 2nd place in the Cat 3 Men 50+ division.  Way to do Martins!
We do not really think you are suppose to have this much fun while racing, but Christopher Locke looks like he can in route to a win the Junior class.  Look for Locke junior to move to the Marathon division or the Single Speed division in coming events. Rumor is he want to kick his old mans butt.....

Sporting a cool set of jean shorts, Steve Brack settled into his new ride for a 5th place on the day.

Tim Greene usually races the 3 hr Marathon class decided to act his age and race in the 50+ class.  Tim had a strong ride up front early and finished off the day in 4th place

UFD Series points leader in the Cat 2 30-39 division Brad Crain made the leap forward to the Cat 1 division. Brad rode hard and earned 2nd place in his first Cat 1 race.

Jeffery Arnaud made the trip over from Lawrence payoff with a podium position.  Jeff rode well to earn 3rd place in the  Cat 2 Men 30-39 division
Jenny Clark looking good in her new Cow Town kit.  A strong showing today for Jenny with a 1st place in the Cat 2 Women Open class.

Shane Jones rode his trusty Surly SS a 4th place finish.  A flat tire on the second lap cost him a podium position for sure. 
Ron Schnick returned to racing this week and had a great time out on course.  6th place on the day for Ron.

Tige Lamb overcame a first corner (first 10 feet actually :-)) mechanical to charge through the field to earn a well deserved win in the  Cat 1 Men 40-49 division. 

Mr President had a good ride going in the Single Speed class - leading the first hour of the race.  Chris ended up replacing a derailed chain and dusting himself off after an encounter with a tree for a 2nd place finish in the Single Speed division.