Saturday, December 29, 2012

God's Country Dates for 2013

Save the date(s):
God's Country Off-Road Duathlon - 3/23/13
God's Country Mountain Bike Classic - 3/24/13

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cross News Shorts - 12/25/12

December has been a very busy month for any cyclo-cross enthusiast.  Iowa, Missouri and Kansas all crowned their 2012 state cyclo-cross champions earlier in the month.

Iowa Championship Results
Missouri Championship Results
Kansas Championship Results

Congrats to Christopher Locke of Cow Town for earning a silver medal in the Missouri State Championships.  Dave Wathen earned at 9th  in the Men's 40 -44 division.

Racing continued last weekend with the Lost Trail Cyclocross race.  A new event held at the Louisburg Cider Mill.  An interesting venue and fun race.  It brought back old memories of past cyclocross races with a very MTB friendly course.  Complete Lost Trail results
Congrats to Chris Locke for taking his first CX win in many, many, many years. 

Tige Lamb came out of cross retirement to earn 2nd place in the Masters 40+ class.

Interested in trying out some cyclocross races yourself?  Well right here in KC we have 3 events to pick from over the next week.

Boxing Day Cross - 12/26/12
Grote Prijs - 12/30/12
Cross off the New Year - 12/31/12

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Possum Scramble Success

The rescheduled Possum Scramble Mountain Bike race was moved into December.  It is not often that Mountain Bike races are held this late into the season due to cold weather. This did not deter the Whiteman Adventure Group from hosting a fun event at the Knob Koster State Park and they were rewarded with a perfect 68 degree day.  Proceeds from this event went to help continue to build the trail system there and groom their trails.  Hopefully this will encourage more riders to visit this beautiful park just East of Warrensburg, MO

The top rider on the day was none other than the climbing god Garet Steinmetz who navigated the hilly 8 mile course in under 30 min with a total winning time of 1:00:27.  Top women on the day was Amy Pych with a winning time of 1:53:02.

Special thanks to Andy Schuette for officiating and the Whiteman Adventure Group for hosting a fine event on a perfect fall day.  It is great to see more events held during the fall.  A trend that looks like it will continue into 2013 with more UFD Series events being planned.  Look for the 2013 MTB calendar to be out soon.

Class winners on the day:

Arturo Sotelo - 1st Marathon Men
Brian Prosser - 1st Cat 1 Men 40-49
Robert Loffler - 1st Cat 1 Men 50+
Marc Thierry - 1st Single Speed
Dylan Bartlett - 1st Cat 2 Men 19-29
Brad Crain - 1st Cat 2 Men 30-39
Michael McGaha - 1st Cat 2 Men 40-49
Rich Kiser - 1st Cat 2 Men 50+
Andrew Rau - 1st Cat 3 Men 19-29
Bryce Werner - 1st Cat 3 Men 30-39
Mark McBride - 1st Cat 3 Men 40-49
Mike Jacobs - 1st Cat 3 Men 50+
Tyler Mattoon - 1st Junior 13-18
Joe Vorce - 1st Kids 12-Under

Complete Results: 2012 Possum Scramble Mountain Bike Results

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Possum Scramble MTB Race

Possum Scramble has been rescheduled for December 2nd 2012. Event flyer below:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Berryman Epic - A Great Time!

Another edition of the Berryman Epic is in the books.   Each year this event grows (249 starters this year)  and has become a "must do" event for anyone who calls themselves and endurance mountain racer.  The promoters and Bass River Resorts put on "overall a great race" said endurance racer Tim Greene who enjoyed the day despite some mechanical issues to finish in the top 10 in the Male 50 - 59 division. After the race participants of the BT Epic enjoyed 2 kegs of beer and a bonfire and some great BBQ to replenish the fuel used for the race.   Great time.....

Cow Town Team Results:

 84th overall - Keith Baker
127th overall - Tim Greene
135th overall - Brent Gowin
139th overall - Jeff Arnaud

Complete results are up - 2012 BT Epic Results

BE on film:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ritchey BreakAway TI Cross

Cow Town would not exist without the support of our many generous sponsors.  As a thanks, we are going to start posting reviews of some of the products we use to get the word out and help consumers make educated decisions when making their next purchase.

I finally got my Ritchey BreakAway TI Cross frame built up the way it should have been in the first place and I thought it was time to post a thorough review.  Anybody who knows me, knows I am a Titanium freak and I love cyclocross.  So when I considered getting a travel bike to take with me when I fly, I knew I was getting a Ritchey BreakAway from my team sponsor Ritchey and I knew it was going to be the TI Cross model. 

I have had this bike for a few years now and have put quite a few miles on it.  It has flown to Rapid City, SD and St. Louis, MO several times with no issues or oversize baggage charges.  Tom Ritchey really outdid himself with the BreakAway design.  It is so simple that it is genius.  The seatpost is the connecting rod for the first joint and a special fitting with flared ends is joined by a clamp on the downtube for the second split in the frame.  You can check out the Ritchey site for a more detailed explanation and a great video of how to pack/unpack and assemble the bike.  The frame just has that classic look and appeal that I would expect from Ritchey.  With my build kit of Campagnolo Record 10-speed, custom carbon tubular CX wheels, Crank Brothers 3TI Eggbeaters and a full complement of Ritchey WCS componentry;  the bike came in at 16 pounds.  

I was very skeptical about how much rigidity the frame would have, given that it splits into 2 halves.  I knew from the first time I rode it, that I was wrong.  I did not notice any flexing around the BB area when climbing out of the saddle or any twist when putting it through a technical CX course.  I wasn’t really surprised at how smooth it was, but the lack of flex was a huge shock.  So, this bike is comfortable, yet stiff and splits in two so you can take it with you in your travels.  The rear triangle has rack mounts, so you could easily set it up for touring or add some fenders. What more could you ask for?  I am not sure; as my only complaint is that they do not offer a hard travel case for it yet.  The soft case is still going strong, but I am always nervous when I fly with it.  The baggage handlers aren’t known for their respect of passenger luggage. I have been waiting for Ritchey to release a hard case, but I may just end up buying an S&S hard case before I travel next time.  
Some of you might ask if this could be your “A” race bike. I am here to tell you that I have raced the bike in some local cyclocross races and it rocks! The bike handles awesome. It has never once gotten sketchy on me; whether the course was rough, soft, muddy or even when misjudging a corner. There is plenty of mud clearance, as well. With a race weight of 16 pounds, it is easy to shoulder up the most demanding run-ups. I have never had to tighten any of the fittings after any race. The list of benefits just goes on and on. Wow, I am impressed.

Not only does Ritchey produce some of the best components on the market, they also make an unbelievable cyclocross bike that just happens to double as an airline size travel bike!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wyco's Revenge - Beware of the Goblins

Final Updates for Saturday’s Wyco’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race.....

First, thank you to all our sponsors and supporters:
·         The Wheel Cyclery
·         Lanterne Rouge Kansas
·         Bike Source
·         Trail Masons Association
·         Midwest Mountain Bike Patrol
·         Santa Fe Trails Bikes
·         Epic Bike and Sport
·         Earth Riders
·         United Federation of Dirt

-Course maps and event updates are posted at

-Shelter #3 at Wyandotte County Lake Park is the Start/Finish/Registration area.  Limited parking is available at shelter #3 with overflow parking along the road leading to shelter #5 & #7. 

-Online registration is open through 11:59pm, Thursday, October 18, 2012.  Register at  Help us and yourself – register by tonight.

-Raceday registration is available and opens at 3:00 pm.   Registration closes at 4:30 pm. 

-The Wyco’s Sprint event has been reduced to 1 lap (8 miles).  No lights are required for the Wyco’s Sprint distance event.

-Complete the full Wyco’s Revenge and earn your finishing shirt.  Awards will be presented to the top 3 in the Wyco’s Revenge and Wyco’s Sprint in the following classes: Male, Female, Male Junior, & Female Junior. 

-Piping hot chili, hot dogs, soft drinks and coffee will be available.  Please feel free to bring your favorite dessert or side dish to share.

-Charge those lights!   The full distance Wyco’s Revenge will require lights.  Two light sources are required – primary and secondary.   It is advised to begin the event with both light sources.  No rider will be allowed to begin the second lap without a light source.

-Weather forecast, 68 degree highs with temps reducing to low 50’s quickly once the sun sets.  It gets cold at night so be prepared and dress with the proper gear.

Wyco’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race
October 20, 2012 – 5:00 pm Start Time
Wyandotte Country Lake Park
Kansas City, Kansas

See you Saturday Night and beware of the Goblins of Wyco!

Cow Town Cycling Team

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cow Town Conqueres Georgia Mountains.

Congrats to our Florida based Cow Town division for successfully completing the Six Gap Century and Three Gap Fifty events.  These rides boasts many of the same roads and mountain climbs as the elite Tour de Georgia race with more that 11,200 feet of climbing.   Joey Locke en-route above during the Three Gap.

 Phil Hart in action above descends one of the many climbs and finishes strong.

Phil Carter makes his return to cycling with a strong showing during the Three Gap. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boss Cross #1

Rick Barrett and I did our best to represent Cow Town in the CAT3’s at Boss Cross #1.  I haven’t seen the results posted online, but I think they had about 34 starters.  I, unfortunately, was the last to line up.  Rick had a great starting position and was off with the leaders.  The course was pretty narrow on the first corner and if you weren’t in the front group, you had to almost come to a complete stop.  So, I ended up chasing the whole day.  Since the course was not very technical, but fast, it looked like to me, that where you lined up is about where you finished.  Rick trashed his rear derailleur and was not able to finish and I managed to make my way up to 27th.  Not a great showing, but it was my first CAT3 race since I upgraded back in 2009.  It’s great to be back racing and hope to get a better starting position and finish tomorrow.   

I didn’t see all of the race, because I was warming up, but I think Tim Greene pulled out a 12th place finish in his Master’s race.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall is a Great Time for Fat Tires

Fall just may be the best time to ride your mountain bikes and we are very lucky that in the Midwest we have plenty of events to attend.  The Fat Tire fun starts this weekend with the Double Ogg Dare followed up on Sunday with UFD's East/West showdown - Rhett's Run MTB Race.  The first weekend of October gives us an opportunity to Take a Kid Mountain Biking and head down to the lake for another Warsaw Mountain Bike Madness event.  Next up is the longest running endurance event in Missouri as the ever popular Burning at the Bluffs races into the night.   Speaking of racing into the night, we have a new exiting event that is taking place on Saturday, October 20, 2012.  The Wyco's Revenge Mountain Bike Race is set to challenge us all and provide a fun filled day of riding.  The Wyco's Sprint event finishes up before nightfall, but the Full Wyco will go into the night so charge up those lights.  Our busy MTB month concludes with the Berryman Trail Epic. 

The busy Fat Tire calendar....

9/29/12 - Double Ogg Dare -
9/30/12 - Rhett's Run -
10/6/12 - Take a Kid Mountain Biking -
10/7/12 - Warsaw Mountain Bike Madness -
10/13/12- Burning at the Bluffs-
10/20/12 - Wyco's Revenge MTB Race -
10/27/12 - Berryman Trail Epic -

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wyco's Revenge MTB Race

Cow Town Cycling Team is proud to bring you another fine event this fall.  Mark your calendars and plan to spend a great fall day out on the trail. Challenge yourself to the full Wyco's Revenge or the Wyco's Sprint if you are looking for less of a challenge this fall

Wyco's Revenge Mountain Bike Race
October 20, 2012 - 5:00 pm Start
Wyandotte County Lake Park


Event Flyer: Wyco's Revenge Flyer

Registration opens 9/1/12.   Register for Wyco's Revenge.   Be sure to register early for a big discount on the entry fee. 

Proceeds from the Wyco's Revenge be used to help promote junior cycling in our area and continue to build trails out at Wyandotte County Lake Park.  Thanks to the Trail Masons for all their hard work and providing some sweet single track to ride on.  As more trail is added, look for the Wyco's Revenge to continue to grow. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mountain Bike News Shorts - 07/27/12

The "Wyco" trails held its first event on Sunday with the Colavita Cross Country Challenge.   Some buff trails greeted the eager racers and all were impressed with the efforts of the Trail Mansons.  They provided a top notch trails and facility.   Results are in and some pictures are up.

Cow Town had a great showing with 3 wins on the day.

Team results:
  • Tige Lamb - 1st Cat 1 Men 40-49
  • Christopher Locke - 1st Junior Male 15 - 18
  • Ron Schnick - 1st Cat 2 Men 40 - 49
  • Brad Crain - 4th Cat 2 Men 30 - 39
  • Jeff Arnaud - 8th Cat 2 Men 30 - 39
  • Damian Almanza - DNF 
Upcoming events:

The Show Me State Games Mountain Bike race will be held on Sunday at Rock Bridge.  A fun course with  a little bit of every type of terrain - smooth single track to technical section and rocky climbs.

This just in.  The Sunflower State Games MTB race scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled.  Check out for info.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cow Town'er Earn Gold

The Warsaw Parks & Recreation hosted the Down & Dirty on Sunday.  This years event was also awarded the USA Cycling's Missouri State Championship designation.  Racers were greeted to a fast and flowing course within the Truman Lake Mountain bike park.   "This course is not very technical and defiantly gives the advantage to the riders with the biggest engine"  The heat would be the biggest factor for many with high humidity and temps in the 90's as the race progressed.

Results can be found on United in Dirt : Down &  Dirty Result. Congratulations to everyone who raced today.  The heat made everyone earn it today. 
 Cow Town sent a team down to the Down & Dirty and they brought home the gold.  Christopher Locke had to come from behind to take the Junior 15 - 18 win and added a Missouri Sate Championship to his palmares.  Brad Crain put in a great ride in the heat and earned the Cat 2 Men 30 - 39 Missouri State Tile.  We look forward to seeing Brad move up to the Cat 1 division soon - he definitely has the speed and fitness.  New Cow Town member Ron Schnick put in a hard effort and earned an impressive 2nd place in the Cat 2 Men 40-49 division.  Tim Green and Chris Locke both rode with "tired legs" but still managed to get 5th place in their respective divisions. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greene Conquers the DK200

Congratulations goes out to Tim Greene for finishing the 2012 Dirty Kanza 200.  Tim placed 19th in the Masters Men category with a time of 17:27.  You ROCK TIM!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Robidoux Roundup Recap

UFD West Series #5 - 2012 Robidoux Roundup was held last weekend.  The Robidoux is usually a very demanding event with a hilly course (over 1000 feet of climbing per lap) and hot weather.  This years participants were not let down as race temps in the 90's greeted the racers on race day.  Race fitness, a good pair of climbing legs and plenty of H2O & Hammer Endurolytes were the ticket for the day.

Fast man of the day was Ethos' Garet Steinmetz.  Anyone that can turn a 33 min lap a Krug is a climbing god.

Great finishes by Cow Town members.  Christopher Locke made his return to racing known with a win in the Junior Men 15-18 division over hard charging Caleb Smith and Austin Stuck   Rich Anderson put in a strong ride in the Marathon class to earn 2nd place on the day despite a mechanical on the last lap.   Pictures coming soon.  Complete results at

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Wins for Cow Town

The annual KC Car Free Challenge was held last week.  Cow Town Cycling has historically done very well in the challenge.  We are happy to report in that the tradition continues as our own Rich Anderson took top honors in the Bike division with 439 miles.  That is a crazy amount of commuting miles Rich - Congratulations!   Chuck Martin of Team So-Air KC was second with 240 miles followed closely by John Nickell of Zahner with 234 miles.   Top teams in the challenge this year were very familiar as Garmin again took top honors followed closely by the Midtown Maulers with The Wheel Cyclery Team taking the final step on the podium. Congratulations to everyone who took on this challenge.  Over 12,000 miles were traveled and 11,827 pounds of Carbon was saved so we all breath better now :-)

On the mountain bike racing front the 2012 Kansas State MTB Championships were held over in Manhattan, Kansas.  Big Poppi Bicycle Company stepped up to promoted this years championship and did a great job all around.   A couple of great results by Cow Town with Tige Lamb taking top honors overall and also winning the Cat 1 Male 40 - 49 division.   John Wagner made it two wins in a row (he also won out at Wilson Lake) in the Single Speed division taking home the Kansas State Single Speed title.   Jeff Arnaud fought back from a flat tire to take 4th in the Cat 2 Male 30 - 49 division.  Gerard Arantowicz earned 5th place in the Cat 2 40-49 division. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mountain Bike News Shorts - 04/17/12

Lots of mountain bike action the past two weekends with the God's Country Mountain Bike Classic and the always popular Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey. Both events promoted by our little team - Cow Town Cycling RULES!!!

Thank you to all the volunteers that made the past two weekends possible. We would especially like to thank the Midwest Mountain Bike Patrol and Lawrence Mountain Bike Patrol for all their support. A big thank you also goes out to all the guys and gals who help build and maintain these fine trails that we get to use. You guys ROCK!!!

UFD West Round #1 - God's Country results HERE

Roger and Guru were out taking plenty of pictures from God's Country: Roger's House of Photos and Guru's Photos

Cow Town Cycling was well represented with some great finishes especially by our newest member Ron Schnick . Congrats on your first win!

Ron Schnick: 1st - Cat 2 Male 40 - 49
Gerard Arantowicz: 2nd - Clydesdale
Jeff Arnand: 2nd - Single Speed Open
Chris Love: - 10th - Cat 2 Male 30 - 39
John Williams: 12th - Marathon Male
Tim Greene: 14th - Marathon Male

The 4th Annual Bone Bender was held again at the challenging but very fun Clinton Lake State Park. Storms Friday, Saturday and Sunday threatened to turn the course into a "swamp" and a repeat of BB36 #1, but Cow Town Cycling & the Kansas Trails Council were ready with rain courses just in case. Riders were pleasantly surprised Sunday morning when we announced that the full course was going to be used and that the trail conditions were very good. Over the next 6 hours riders enjoyed a great day of off-road racing and a post race feed courtesy of our own John Williams & Pot Pie. Another successful Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey in the books..

Bone Bender results - BB36 v4 Results

Bone Bender Pictures: Bart Cox Bone Bender Pictures, Mr. Guru and Roger's House of Photos.

Despite helping out over the past 3 days, as a team we had some great finishes by Cow Town Cycling members at Bone Bender.

Tige Lamb: 2nd - 3 hr Male Open
John Wagner: 2nd - Single Speed Open
Michael Mathews: 5th - Single Speed Open
Brad Crain: 5th - 3 Hr Male Sport
Damian Almanza: 7th - 6 Hr Male Open
Baker/Arnaud: 8th - 6 Hour Male Team
Ron Schnick: 8th - 3 Hr Male Sport
Rich Anderson: 9th - 3 hr Male Open
Gerard Arantowicz: 10th - Clydesdale
Ashley Blum: 20th - 3 hr Male Open
Craig Myers-Arenth: 26th - 3 hr Male Sport
Chris Love: 29th - 3 hr Male Sport

Friday, March 30, 2012

Updated God's Country MTB Flyer

**Race day registration is available and opens Saturday morning at 8:30am**

The updated flyer is now available for the God's Country Mountain Bike Classic. God's Country will be the United Federation of Dirt's opening West Series Round. Registration is now open - Register for God's Country .

God's Country Mountain Bike Classic

April 7, 2012

Lawrence River Trails

Download your copy of the flyer: God's Country MTB Flyer

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cow Town News Shorts - 3/26/12

Off-Road News...

Round #1 of the UFD series was postponed until April 7, 2012. Expect an updated flyer and more info later this week.

The 10th Annual God's Country Off-Road Duathlon was held Sunday at the always popular Lawrence River Trails. Despite the week long rain that our area received, the trails were in great shape and super fast. This years event brought back the Long course and had classes for everyone including Unicycles. Results & pictures can be found on

Cow Town was well represented - Results from God's Country:

Tige Lamb - 1st Overall Male Long Course
Vickie Lamb - 1st Female 40 -49 Short Course
Chris Locke - 1st Male 40 -49 Short Course
Damian Almanza - 2nd Coed Relay Long Course
Craig Meyer-Arenth - 2nd Male 40 - 49 Long Course
Bob Tarne - 5th Male 40 - 49 Short Course

Road News....

The popular spring road training races have been taking place this past month. Healthy turnouts for the Spring Fling & Perry Road Races along with the new Hutchinson Criterium Series. Complete results found at the Kansas Cycling Association.

Cow Town's Richard Barrett and John Williams have been out representing the team on the road at these training races. As the season picks up expect to see more Cow spots out in the pack.

Friday, March 23, 2012

MTB Classic Postponed - DU a GO

Due to the last band of heavy rain that hit Lawrence today and the forecasted rain on Friday, we (Cow Town Cycling & LMBC trail crew) have decided to postpone round #1 of the Unified Federation of Dirt – Saturday’s God’s Country Cross Country Classic. Providing a safe racing environment, maintaining the health of our trails, as well as providing a great racing experience are all major concerns of ours. With the recent weather this is not possible by Saturday. The new proposed date for the God’s Country Cross Country Classic is April 7, 2012. All entries will be transferred to the new date.

It is not all bad news for our festival. The weekend forecast looks great and with an extra day to dry out, Sunday’s 10th Annual God’s Country Off-Road Duathlon is a GO. Packet pickup and race day registration opens at 8:00am Sunday morning at the Lawrence River Trails.

Check back Saturday for possible bike course updates. The runs for our duathlon are not planned to change.

Thank you,

Chris Locke

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

God's Country Athlete Guide

The 2012 God's Country Athlete Information Guide is now available. In it you will find event flyers, course maps and registration information.

Visit: for the file link.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God's Country = Fat Tire Fun

Dear Cycling and Multi-sport Enthusiast,

As President of the Cow Town Cycling Team, I invite you to join us in Lawrence, Kansas over the March 24 & 25, 2012 weekend for the God’s Country Fat Tire Festival. Our team has two fun filled days of off-road excitement planned.

Our festival...Saturday brings us the return of the God’s Country Mountain Bike Classic. This will be the opening round of the 2012 Unified Federation of Dirt’s West series. Traditional cross country mountain bike classes including kid’s events and the popular Clydesdale, Single Speed and Marathon divisions will be held. Sunday the God’s Country Off-Road Duathlon returns for its 10th year. For a decade this event has offered a fun and challenging multisport event for all ability levels. This year we increase the fun opportunities with both Long and Short course options. Elite, Age-group, Clydesdale, relay teams and unicycle options are available.

The venue...Off-road heaven is what some call it. The Lawrence River Trails (LRT) offers a trail system that is fun for all ability levels – LRT is rideable by absolutely anyone. The trails have the perfect combination of flowing dirt single track, hairpin turns, berms, and rolling hills. Expert to beginners will all enjoy the LRT that is maintained by the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club.

Festival features...Professional event timing and finishing services, custom handmade awards for both events, custom t-shirts, post-race food and beverages , free photographs and cash payouts for Cat 1 and Elite classes. Hammer Nutritional products will be available both days, The Wheel Cyclery will be on hand offering bike support and we will have plenty of Chamois Butt’r for all your comfort needs.

How to enjoy the fun... To register go to A field limit of 200 is set for our events. Please register early to save your spot, save money and get your event t-shirt and swag. For the month of February, we have discounted entry fees and “Free Fee February” where the processing fee is waived.

Questions? Email or call 816.200.1273

Where to get info...