Thursday, December 27, 2007

Great Results for 2007

It has been a great year for the Cow Town Cycling Team. Both individually and as a team. Our members took home two mountain bike championships, an Xterra Regional championship, two endurance MTB Championships and two cyclo-cross championships.

Some highlights below from our team members below.

Shad Schreiner:
  • Kansas State Cyclocross Champion, Men's Cat 3
  • NCCCC XC MTB Champion, Red Wing, MN
  • Rapture in Misery, 6 hour Solo Champion,
  • Lunatic Fringe Off-Road Duathlon, Overall Male winner
  • 12 Miles of Hell, 5th overall
Rich Anderson:
  • Rapture in Misery, 6 hour Duo Champion
  • 24 Hours of Landah, Overall Team Champion
  • Sponk Pony Showdown, 2nd 6hrs Duo
Tige Lamb:
  • Xterra Triathlon, Regional Champion
  • Rapture in Misery, Fastest first and night laps, 3rd overall Super Fast team
Eric Nelson:
  • Rapture in Misery, 3rd overall
  • Devil's Revenge Duathlon
  • Flint Hills Death Ride finisher
  • Cooper Triangle Colorado 3 Pass finisher
  • Lawrence Half Marathon, 1:29
John Harter:
  • Rapture in Misery, 1st Place Fast team
  • Lunatic Fringe, 2nd place Marathon
Christopher Locke
  • Midwest Fat Tire Mountain Bike Series Champion, Kids 12 under
  • God's Country Kids Duathlon, 1st
  • De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series, 1st
  • Kansas State Cyclocross Championships, 1st
Carolynn Locke
  • Midwest Fat Tire Mountain Bike Series Champion, Women's Beginner
Chris Locke
  • Fat Tire Duathlon Series, Overall Winner
  • Spoke Pony Showdown, 2nd Place 6 hour Duo
  • Rapture in Misery, 3rd place overall Super Fast Team

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cow Town'ers at CX Nationals.

Sunday's Results: Chris Locke, 39th, Single Speed. It was a "what could have been" day for Mr. Locke. He had the legs today and was handling the raw conditions well has he quickly move through the pack, but 3 dropped chains later....

Shad Schreiner, 34th, Collegiate Male.

Saturday's Results: Tige Lamb, 57th, Masters Men 35-39 Tige was going great until a crash damaged his bike. He still raced on in the super slick conditions. A 170 entries in Tige's class so 57th is still very good.

Chris Locke, 54th ,Masters Men 40-44 Chris played it safe today and rode a smart race staying upright the entire event. 163 competitors signed up for the Men 40-44 division. Half of them must have crashed for Mr. Locke to do that well :-)

Friday's Results: Christopher Locke, 24th, Junior 13-14. A fall on the 1st lap broke his right shift lever, but Christopher raced on having a lot trouble on the slick hills due to being stuck in a large gear.

Thursday's Results: Chris Locke, 46th, Men's 40+ B. Race details here.

Several Cow Town riders are toeing the line at this weekends USA Cycling '07 Cyclocross National Championships.

Tige Lamb will race in the Masters 35 - 39 class on Saturday morning.

Shad Schreiner will race in Sunday's Collegiate Men's race

Christopher Locke will race in Friday's Junior 13 - 14 division

Chris Locke will race in the Men's 40+ B, Masters 40-44 and Single Speed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Schreiner wins Kansas State Championships

Our own Shad Schreiner took home the Men's Cat 3 Kansas State Cyclocross Championship at yesterday's Kansas State Championships. Congratulations to him on a well deserved win.

Other top Cow Town finishers:

Christopher Locke - 1st Place Juniors
Chris Locke - 3rd Place Single Speed
Rich Anderson - 5th place Men's Cat 4
Damian (sleepless) Almanza - 7th place Men's Cat 4

Pictures and results can be found at

The team put on a great event and could not have taken place without every ones help. Thank you to Rich Anderson, Tige Lamb, Shad Schreiner, Randy Cartwright, Dan Gierer, Leonard (Lost in Atchison) Lastine, Carolynn Locke, Christopher Locke, Gerard Arantowicz, Heather Jordan, Dan Jordan ,Roger Harrison and his sons.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

De Stad Van Kansas Series Excitement this Sunday!

The temperature is getting colder and the cyclocross scene is heating up. This Sunday is the fourth race in the De Stad Series in Leavenworth KS at the Leavenworth High School. This is your last chance to fine tune those dismounts and barriers before Nationals next week.

This is the third year the KS State Championships have been held in Leavenworth. This course gives you a little of everything a cyclocrosser loves. The loop is 1.8 miles with nearly 200 feet of climbing each loop. The course is running counter-clockwise. (this is opposite from last year) Course designer, Chris Locke, says it flows well and is SMOOTH and FAST.

The Cycleops warm up tent will be there for you along with REGISTRATION INSIDE, FOOD INSIDE, AWARDS INSIDE! That means not in the cold. Carolynn Locke and Heather Jordan are cooking their soup specialties along with HOT COFFEE , muffins, brownies etc. The usual fare that you find at a De Stad Series race.

Registration (Inside the warm school) opens at 9:30am. Races start at 10:30. For more information go to

Special Thanks to the Coach Clifford and the Leavenworth School district for the use of their fine facility. Thanks to our sponsors, Paceline Products, The Wheel Cyclery, Cow Town Cycling Team, Santa Fe Bike Shop, Chamois Butt’r , Jewel Cartoons, Kansas Cycling Association and The Lantern Rouge Volunteer Group.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Kansas State Cyclocross Championships

Our team sponsored event is next weekend. The 2007 Kansas State Cyclocross Championships will be held at Leavenworth High School on December 9th.

Set-up for the event will take place on December 8th. Everyone on the team needs to be at Leavenworth High School at 10:00 a.m. After a short meeting we will start to work on the course. All tools and supplies will be provided. Much help is also needed loading up all the supplies/tools. Be at Cow Town Headquarters Friday night and/or early Saturday morning to help load up the trailer and truck.

Race-day set-up begins at 6:00am on December 9th. Volunteers are still need. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cow Town in the KC Star

Our own Christopher Locke had a cool little write-up in the Kansas City Star. Check it out:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Riverside Double-Header

Riverside Double-Header continues the heated cyclo-cross action in Kansas City as Paceline Products presents rounds #2 and #3 of the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series.

KC’s longest running cyclo-cross event is on tap this weekend. The 7th Annual Riverside Cyclocross Festival is the heart and soul of Kansas City cyclocross and known for its fun and challenging course along the Missouri river, an awesome post race celebration which includes cool swag and great food, special primes and a prize purse of over $1500.00 in cash

The course is famous for sections like “Harter’s Horseshoe” which takes the riders down to the shoreline of the Mighty MO before a demanding climb back out. Mark’s Madness is always a rider favorite with a steep run-up followed by a tricky double track section through the woods. A sand pit that seems to always swallow someone up before the days is done. And don’t for get Roger’s Red Brick road which again takes riders along the Missouri river.

Above all it’s all the racers who make this event. Riders from across the region come to the small city of Riverside to experience the event and enjoy a weekend of racing cyclocross. We have classes for all including Single Speeders.

Hope to see you all this weekend.

More info contact Chris Locke, 816.468.4831, or Heather Jordan, 816.455.2453 (BIKE).

Flyers, series info and pictures can be found at

Special thanks to the City of Riverside and its wonderful staff, the volunteers that make this event possible, the Cow Town Cycling Team, the Wheel Cyclery Racing team and our event sponsors: Paceline Products, The Wheel Cyclery, Chamois Butt’r,, Jewel Cartoons, Antonio’s Pizza by Bike, Cycleops, Santa Fe Trails Bicycle and Coffee Shop, Cyclocross Magazine, 53x11 Coffee, KCA and the Lantern Rouge Volunteer Group.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cyclocross is the Opposiste of Sex

From BikeSnob NYC:

Cyclocross is the opposite of sex--if you're doing it right it hurts, and it's only fun before and after. In my time racing cyclocross I’ve learned some tips for dealing with that nasty in-between part, which I present to you herewith. I won’t say they’ll make you a better racer--the way I race puts the “can’t” back in “cantis”--but I guarantee they’ll make you a better loser:
Know When And Where The Race Is

Eddy Merckx famously said, "The Tour de France is won in bed." Cyclocross races, however, are not won in bed, since misreading the schedule, sleeping in, and arriving after your race has begun tends to winnow your chances down considerably. Furthermore, as I've cited before, Woody Allen once said, "90% of success is just showing up." Of course, that still leaves a 10% window for failure, since I've showed up at cyclocross races and not succeeded innumerable times. I will say though that 100% of failure is not showing up, because it's tough to be competitive when your race is starting and you're 30 miles from the venue because you Mapquested the wrong address.

Don't Pre-Ride the Course

Yes, you read that right. While this bit of advice flies counter to every bit of cyclocross wisdom you're likely ever to hear, I've always believed that courting common wisdom is the path to complacency. I find that going in cold and flying blind can take the edge off the searing pain of those first few laps, since you're too busy being surprised to focus on how awful you feel. And dreading that terrible run-up for a half a lap can be demoralizing, while the shock of suddenly discovering it can give you that extra shot of adrenaline to get you over it. Complete unfamiliarity with the course can turn a killing field into a haunted hayride teeming with fun-filled surprises, thrills and spills at every turn.

Do Not Have a Pit Bike

This is another counterintuitive tactic. If you’re like me, a crash or a mechanical problem comes as sweet relief. It’s like a fire drill in school during a test. Suddenly, the pressure’s off and there’s no more pressure to perform. On the other hand, having another bicycle in the pit so that you can make a quick bike change and continue to race only expands the vast horizon of opportunity for you to lose. It’s like getting one of those flu shots they give out at the office—how are you going to call in sick for a week when everybody knows you’re immune? Never squander your inventory of excuses.

Get a Bad Starting Position

There are few things as embarrassing as getting a great starting position only to drop through the pack and completely fall apart on the first lap. Not only do your fellow racers notice, but so do the spectators. It's like you're an Alka-Seltzer and the race is a big glass of water, and everybody gets to watch your effervescent, frothy demise. But if you start the race in the back, you have nowhere to go but up. If you finish DFL, you can blame your start position. If you finish strong, you can point out how many places you had to make up and how high you would have placed if you'd started up front. Everybody hates a sandbagger, but everybody loves an underdog.

Constantly Re-evaluate Your Goals

As in everyday life, it’s important to rationalize and to temper your expectations. Certainly you should start the race expecting to finish well. However, if you cling to that expectation you’ll only be disappointed. So take the time each lap to analyze your position and re-structure your goals. If you find yourself slipping back, try to keep the guy behind you from passing you. If he does, try to hold his wheel. If you can’t, repeat with the next guy. When there’s nobody left, just wait, because eventually you’ll get to experience the thrill of battling the race leader as you try to keep from being lapped. And if all else fails, comfort yourself with your superiority over the other riders in areas outside of racing. Sure, the guy who passed you just then was stronger than you, but there’s no way he’s better at cooking eggs than you. You’re the Egg Master.

“Chunk” the Race

You may have heard of the memorization technique called “chunking,” wherein you break large chunks of information up into smaller parts to make them easier to remember. Well, you should do that in cyclocross races as well. While a ‘cross race seems short and appears to unfold faster than a Dahon on a Friday afternoon, it can feel like an eternity if you’re actually in one. So like an alcoholic or someone getting paid by the hour to retile a bathroom, focus on completing one tiny section at a time. Like life, if you think about how much more you have left you can find yourself overwhelmed. Another “chunking” trick you can take from life is picking some small section of the course and convincing yourself you enjoy it. That way, you have something to look forward to each lap. It’s like hating your job but looking forward to lunch.

Ignore Your Surroundings

As the race leaves you behind like a club-footed tuba player in a marching band, try not to pay attention to the announcer or the crowd. The announcer’s spirited narration of the battle at the front will only serve to remind you how far back you are, especially when he starts describing the action on sections of the course you’ve just completed. Similarly, the crowd can be inadvertently discouraging as well. At first they’ll cheer excitedly. But as you slip back the cheers become gradually less animated and more conciliatory, until they eventually devolve into the type of “you can do it!” sentiments generally reserved for “special” people, and then finally disappear altogether. Then, it’s all about not getting passed by the riders warming up for the next race.

Have Fun!

That’s right, this is supposed to be fun. So try to remember that as you struggle to keep your perfectly-cooked eggs down.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cyclocross Season Opens

De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series

  • Round #1- 10/14/07: Chris Cross starts the season off with a super fast and technical course, custom awards and plenty of food. The course features several gravel road sections, a sand pit, fast flowing turns and some rather technical sections along the tree line of Clinton Lake State Park.
  • Rounds #2 & #3 – 11/3 and 11/4: The 7th Annual Riverside Cyclocross Festival is the heart and soul of Kansas City cyclocross. Known for its challenging course along the Missouri river and awesome post race celebration which includes cool swag and great food. The course is famous for “Harter’s Horseshoe” which takes the riders down to the shoreline of the Mighty MO.
  • Rounds #4 – 11/24: The Lantern Rouge Cyclocross moves to what will soon become the “best cyclo-cross course in the Midwest This years event will be at St. Mary’s college and the course features a ¼ mile section of cobble bricks, gravel and dirt roads, steep run-ups and a stair case climb that will test everyone.
  • Round #5 – 12/9: The Kansas State Cyclocross championships will be the last opportunity to race before Nationals. Several big changes are in store for this years event.

Visit for all the details.

Info? Contact Chris Locke at

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Get Ready for Cyclo-cross Season

Team, I am selling my Titanium cyclo-cross frameset. It is just to small for me. Here is the add below along with some pictures. Email me for the special team price.

07' Titerra Ti-c11 cyclo-cross frameset. Like new condition. Both frame and fork are titanum as well as a titanium seat clamp. Includeds a Ritchey WCS headset. Size is a 54 cm which is to small for me. New this frameset cost over $1200.00. I am asking $700.00 obo, but will give a super deal to anyone on the team.

Here is Titerra's website for more info.

Some dimensions:

Head Tube : 9.5cm
Top Tube : 56cm CC
Seat Tube 54cm CT
Steering Tube Size : 1-1/8" non integrated headset
BB Thread : 68mm English
Seatpost Size : 27.2mm

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A cow has left the herd...

... and is exploring new pastures!

When this little cow left the safety of his KC based pen, he headed west and ended up near Denver, CO. Cows here are happy ones even though they have a hard time breathing.

There are many new dangers awaiting this cow in his new surroundings...

And things that can hurt!

But there are also things that make this cow happy!

Things are different here and I miss my friends from Cowtown, but as you can see, I'm adjusting nicely!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rapure In Misery

Cow Town did great at this years RIM. Both individually and as teams.

Shad Schreiner won the 6 hour solo.

Eric Nelson took 3rd in the 6 hour solo.

Tige Lamb had the fastest night lap and fastest first lap.

We "owned" the Fast division with our teams taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.

We placed 3rd overall in the highly competitive Super Fast division.

Rich Anderson teamed up with a friend and they won the 6 hour Duo class.

Complete Rapture in Misery Results

Here are some pics

Monday, August 6, 2007

SMSG Mountain Bike Race

The Show-Me-State Games was held this past weekend. This event is held annually at the Rock Bridge State park during the hottest part of the Summer. The team did well . Check out the results at the Midwest Fat Tire Series.

Leonard and Dan before the start of the Men's 30 - 39 class. This was Leonards first Sport race after he got an upgrade to that division. Dan did great taking 3rd in the class and posting the fastest time of the day for Cow Town.
Dan ready to start the suffering.

Chris and Damin before the start. Check out them cool Cow Town gloves :-)

By the finish most riders looked like the below pic.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lanstine Take Gold

Congradulations to Leonard Lanstine. He won gold at the Show Me State Games Duathlon today finishing the event in a winning time of 1:27

Team mate Chris Locke participated in the Triathlon and ended up with a solid 4th place in a time of 1:36

This years SMSG event set a new participation record for 07'.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lunatic Fringe MTB

The official results have been posted. Check em out

Shad Schreinger - 2nd Men's Expert
Chris Locke - 2nd Men's 35+ Expert
Damian Almanza - 6th Men's 35+ Expert
John Harter - 2nd Marathon
Dan Gierer - 4th Men's Sport 30 - 39
Rich Anderson - DNF (Broken frame)
Eric Tiffany - I think 4th or 5th in Sport 40 - 49
Leonard Lanstine - 2nd in Men Beginners 30 - 39
Carolynn Locke - 2nd Beginner women's
Christopher Locke - 1st Junior 12 under

Some pictures