Monday, December 10, 2007

Schreiner wins Kansas State Championships

Our own Shad Schreiner took home the Men's Cat 3 Kansas State Cyclocross Championship at yesterday's Kansas State Championships. Congratulations to him on a well deserved win.

Other top Cow Town finishers:

Christopher Locke - 1st Place Juniors
Chris Locke - 3rd Place Single Speed
Rich Anderson - 5th place Men's Cat 4
Damian (sleepless) Almanza - 7th place Men's Cat 4

Pictures and results can be found at

The team put on a great event and could not have taken place without every ones help. Thank you to Rich Anderson, Tige Lamb, Shad Schreiner, Randy Cartwright, Dan Gierer, Leonard (Lost in Atchison) Lastine, Carolynn Locke, Christopher Locke, Gerard Arantowicz, Heather Jordan, Dan Jordan ,Roger Harrison and his sons.


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