Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mountain Bike News Shorts - 04/17/12

Lots of mountain bike action the past two weekends with the God's Country Mountain Bike Classic and the always popular Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey. Both events promoted by our little team - Cow Town Cycling RULES!!!

Thank you to all the volunteers that made the past two weekends possible. We would especially like to thank the Midwest Mountain Bike Patrol and Lawrence Mountain Bike Patrol for all their support. A big thank you also goes out to all the guys and gals who help build and maintain these fine trails that we get to use. You guys ROCK!!!

UFD West Round #1 - God's Country results HERE

Roger and Guru were out taking plenty of pictures from God's Country: Roger's House of Photos and Guru's Photos

Cow Town Cycling was well represented with some great finishes especially by our newest member Ron Schnick . Congrats on your first win!

Ron Schnick: 1st - Cat 2 Male 40 - 49
Gerard Arantowicz: 2nd - Clydesdale
Jeff Arnand: 2nd - Single Speed Open
Chris Love: - 10th - Cat 2 Male 30 - 39
John Williams: 12th - Marathon Male
Tim Greene: 14th - Marathon Male

The 4th Annual Bone Bender was held again at the challenging but very fun Clinton Lake State Park. Storms Friday, Saturday and Sunday threatened to turn the course into a "swamp" and a repeat of BB36 #1, but Cow Town Cycling & the Kansas Trails Council were ready with rain courses just in case. Riders were pleasantly surprised Sunday morning when we announced that the full course was going to be used and that the trail conditions were very good. Over the next 6 hours riders enjoyed a great day of off-road racing and a post race feed courtesy of our own John Williams & Pot Pie. Another successful Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey in the books..

Bone Bender results - BB36 v4 Results

Bone Bender Pictures: Bart Cox Bone Bender Pictures, Mr. Guru and Roger's House of Photos.

Despite helping out over the past 3 days, as a team we had some great finishes by Cow Town Cycling members at Bone Bender.

Tige Lamb: 2nd - 3 hr Male Open
John Wagner: 2nd - Single Speed Open
Michael Mathews: 5th - Single Speed Open
Brad Crain: 5th - 3 Hr Male Sport
Damian Almanza: 7th - 6 Hr Male Open
Baker/Arnaud: 8th - 6 Hour Male Team
Ron Schnick: 8th - 3 Hr Male Sport
Rich Anderson: 9th - 3 hr Male Open
Gerard Arantowicz: 10th - Clydesdale
Ashley Blum: 20th - 3 hr Male Open
Craig Myers-Arenth: 26th - 3 hr Male Sport
Chris Love: 29th - 3 hr Male Sport