Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Training Rides

This weekend a few of us got together on Saturday and Sunday mornings for some LSD (long slow distance). Chris Locke, Randy Cartwright and Dan Grier met up early Saturday morning with light snow still covering the roads. Chris and Dan ended up with 40 miles, while I (Randy) accidentally ended up with almost 60 (Darn underestimated my route by about 13 miles). We rode a route around Smithville Lake then back to the Northland.

Sunday Richard Anderson, Ashley Blum and Randy met up at Ashley's house in Independence for a good 3 hour ride. The route was great for active recovery as well as base miles, predominately flat and following the Missouri River eastward from Independence. I really like the ride and the best part was that Ashley's wife Dana had made a great "brunch for a bunch" for us when we returned. We will have to definately do that route again, if for no other reason than the meal at the end, Thanks Dana.

Rich, Randy and Ashley just after the ride

Us enjoying Dana's great brunch.

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