Friday, January 18, 2008

Landahl Winter Wonder Ride

Landahl Winter Wonder Ride Results

Participants: Shad, Randy, Rich, Eric and Chris.
Ride time: ~ 3 hours with a few stops - some planned some not...
Temperature: 5 degrees with a - 3 wind chill
Course conditions: Most of the trails were packed and traction was good for the most part.
Number of crashes: At least 5, but who is counting.
Number of flat tires: 2
Number of broken helmets: 1
Number of goofy snow boarding helmets: 1
Number of broken egos: 1

Some pictures:

A group of us are meeting at Landahl Saturday morning. Yes it will be cold (10 degrees), but riding in the trails always makes you feel nice and warm in side....

Landahl Winter Wonder Ride
Landahl Park -- Argo Trailhead
Time: 9:30a.m. (Rich doesn't get off until 8:30...)
Pace: Slow enough to ride ~ 3hours, but fast enough to stay warm.

Sunday we are meeting at Clinton Lake for another fun ride in the snow.

Clinton Lake Snow Ride
Clinton Lake SP - Free Parking area
Time: 1:00pm
Pace: Slow and easy...unless Mark and Tige show us then we will jump on the Pain Train...


Jennifer said...

You guys are crazy!!! Wish I had that kind of dedication.

P.S. Thanks for stealing my man again!

Jennifer said...

Also, thanks for posting pics...

Unknown said...

Nice, the DRJ had a ride planned for Chubb but every one bailed.