Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Manions Cross

This past weekend was third edition of Manions Cross. This race keeps getting better and better. the course was tough, but really fun. The winding turns through weeds at the bottom of the course reminded me of harvest time in sleepy hollow, with it's own monster ta boot. The climbs were do able, the fast sections were fast, and overall I think it flowed really well. Outside of the race itself the party was fun, great vibes, food from Cowtown's own PotPie, beer from Tall Grass Brewing, and all the wide open views of beautiful Wyandotte County you could handle.

Great job Colavita

Cowtown was represented by Rick Barret and John Williams

Rick took 2nd in the collegiate and 4th in the 3/4

John was 14th in the 3/4

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