Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 Ouachita Challenge

The results are up: 2009 Ouachita Challenge Race Results

Cow Town Cycling Team had a large contingent down at the OC. Some great finishes including a podium spot for John Wagner in the Single Speed and an 8th place finish for Mark Cole in the 80 Mile race.

Team Cow Town:

Tige Lamb - 27th Overall in 5:54
John Wagner - 4th Single Speed in 6:18
Mike Classen - 47th Overall in 6:25
Garret Steinmetz - 48th Overall in 6:25
Chris Locke - 7th Single Speed in 6:28
Dan Gierer - 86th Overall in 7:12
Brent Gowin - 23rd Single Speed in 7:53
Mark Cole - 8th Overall in 8:13* (80 mile)
Keith Baker - 139th Overall in 8:26
Gerard Arantowicz - 145th Overall in 8:41
Jeffery Arnaud 25th Single Speed in 8:42
Randy Cartwright - DNF at Big Brushy w/broken rim.

Congrats to everyone who finished this challenging event.

Some pictures that Carolynn took.

Here is some video action .

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