Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joules Cross Report

The Joules Cross was a double header weekend of cyclocross racing this year.  Saturday was a tune-up for Sunday's 2014 Kansas State Cyclocross Championships.  What you say?  State CX Championships in October?  It is 70 degrees and I just now started doing intervals.....

Some good size fields for this years Joules Cross.   The masters classes roll off the start on Saturday above.  Results from the day's racing - Joules Cross Saturday Results.  Some pictures of the Masters, Single Speed and Cat 4/5 - Joules Cross Pictures.

A new trend in local Kansas cycling races - No stakes just mowed fields. Paul Aldeguer and Doug Stone climb along one of the many mowed paths that made up the course. 
The field that was used for the event featured plenty of climbing and one short mud section.  David Wathen leads Kevin Collins out of the "Mud Hole".

Looks like beards are coming back for cross.  Time to bring back the Chops if you ask me.

Bill Anderson has the coolest bikes and always has a smile on his face.  No matter the weather or if he is suffering Bill has a smile.  Above Bill rides around the mud (a reason you need to stake a course and not just mow it ) because he did not want to get that sweet single speed rig of his dirty.
Cyclocross welcomes all no mater if you're an elite racer or a person that has special needs.:-)  Cross loves you and so does this guy that hungs around the twisty circle thingy -

Sadly the course featured only one short mud hole.  Scott Stevens makes short work of it and continues on one of the many climbs.

Beware of creepy crawly things out in Kansas. 
Doug Stone raced both days with a great showing on Sunday.  Doug continues to lead the Kansas Best All Around Rider in the Masters 40+ division.

It is a long walk back to the pit.  For some reason there were plenty of tire mishaps over the weekend.  Maybe it was the rough field?  Freshly mowed fields which leaves sharp pointy blades of thick grass which can puncture tires.
Two sets of barriers on the day.  One large and one small.  Both required running them. Tige Lamb used his running skills to take home 3rd place in the Masers 40+ class.  Above he passes Masters 65+ winner Steve Schweiker of Ethos Racing. 

A nice size Cat 4/5 field on Saturday - 52 riders. Plenty of passing on that first lap.  Christopher Locke demonstrates how it is done on the first lap.  A lap later the favor was returned has he faded to 38th place on the day.

 Tire failures were not that uncommon over the weekend.  David Wathen had to take a bike change but climbed back to 12th place in a stacked Masters 40+ field.

The motto "Build it and they will come" apparently works not only for baseball but for cyclocross.  Mow a course in a field and you have yourself some Kansas Cyclocross.  Above 2014 National MTB Champion Doug Long leads David Romisch and Chris Locke in the field of dreams. .

What to think of the "Twister" Shane Jones got dizzy from the "Twister" and ended up in 12th place in the Men's Cat 5 class. 

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