Friday, May 24, 2013

MTB News Shorts - 5/24/13

Spring is here and that means mountain bike racing is in full swing in Missouri and Kansas.  Some quick race recaps below from the past 2 weekends.  Then it is time to get ready for the Robiodoux Roundup this Memorial Day weekend.

Mountain Bike state championships come early around here so you best have some form early on if you want to earn a title.  Why do we have the state championships so early?  Presumably to "earn" a starting spot at the Mountain Bike Nationals.  The question is why does one have to qualify for nationals when other cycling disciplines do not?  A question for the powers to be.  On to the recaps.

The Greensfelder Challenge was Missouri's official mountain bike championship event/qualifier.  GORC have created a nice little jewel of a trail system in West St. Louis County and offered up a challenging event for all.  Complete 2013 Missouri State MTB Championship Results.

Cow Town Cycling made the trip East and was represented well at Greensfelder. 

Christopher Locke earned 2nd place on the day and a ticket on standby to Nationals.

Tige Lamb rode to a strong 4th place in the highly competitive Cat 1 Male 40 - 49 division.  Promoter Bob Arnold took the win so if you think promoting an event will slow you down think again.
Chris Locke tested the waters in the Single Speed division on the day.  Outside the top 5 on the day proves that he needs some gears for his old legs.

The Kansas State MTB Championships was last weekend. The Dirty Little Secret was again the championship event.  Aaron Apel and the Big Poppi  Bicycle Company and crew put on a very nice event for the riders who made the trip over to Fancy Creek Trail.   Complete 2013 Kansas State MTB Championship results

Cow Town Cycling was represented by Tige Lamb and John Wagner in the Cat 1 division.  Tige "redeemed" himself and took home the State Championship in the Cat 1 Male 40 - 49 division. John rounded out the podium in 3rd. 

Tige in route to yet another Kansas State Championship.
Wagner working hard chasing down the lead group. 3rd place Male Cat 1 40 - 49 on the day.


Anonymous said...


My name is Kaitlin, and I work for the Sunflower State Games. On Saturday, July 27 we will be having our Mountain Bike races in Topeka and we want to invite your club to participate! Our races range in experience from beginner to expert, so we have a place for everyone. Here is the link to our website for more information: We would appreciate it if you would let your cyclists know about our event, and we hope to see some of you here! Please contact me with any questions or to register by phone.


Kaitlin West
Sunflower State Games
Topeka, KS

Lanternerougekansas said...

Hi My name is Roger Harrison, I like to take pictures, cheer people, and assist where I can. I wondered if you would like for me to be there. I drive a red van with a cow on it.

Lanternerougekansas said...

Hi there, I am Roger Harrison and I take pictures of people on bikes. I was not sure that I would be welcomed at this event since my good friends(Now I am not to sure about Mr. Locke and Mr. Alphabet) did not invite me. So would I be allowed to come to your event?