Monday, June 8, 2009

Rhett's Run MTB Race Report

MWFTS Race # 5 was held Sunday, June 7th in Columbia, Missouri. Cow town was respectfully represented by John Wagner, Garet Steinmetz and Sean Burns. Race day conditions were less than optimal with rain showers through the night/morning. The rain stopped and the trail drained fairly well, leaving some great singletrack riding with minimal slick rocks on what would prove to be a great and challenging course.

First off the line was the Expert Men. Garet’s start looked great and into the singletrack he disappeared. John and I then lined-up for the Single Speed event, and we were both in the top 5 heading into the woods.

The first 200 yards of singletrack was a downhill, rock covered slippery mess. I heard the rider behind me crash hard, taking out a few of the heard behind him. This allowed the top five positions to make a pretty good gap. Slowly the riders also made a pretty good gap in front of me, and I was alone having a great time, and finally passed by a couple strong riders just before the start of lap two. John was long gone by now, battling it out for a podium finish. I slowly fell into a state of ‘umm, I just bonked hard’ and was at the point were I had to literally stop and take a break, I was feeling pretty sick. A handul of riders passed me until I finally had the juice to get back in the saddle and finish the race.
The course was great and as usual, it was a good time had by everyone.

All said and done,

Garet \ 10th in Expert
John 5th Single Speed
Sean 8th Single Speed

I've kept this report on-the-short, because you can read more about Garet’s race HERE and more about Sean's efforts HERE.

Official results are HERE.
Event Photos are HERE.

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