Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lawrence River Trails Need Your Help!

The Lawrence Mountain Bike Club
Trail Maint. Work
Feb. 22 at 9 AM 'til Noon
Meet at the Trailhead (8th and Oak Streets, in North Lawrence)

There is alot of damage to the lower trail west of the Mudd Creek Cut off. On Sunday we are going to repair some of the rutted muddy sections of the lower trail.We are going to elevate the trail and grade it so this part of the trail will not just be a big ol' mud hole anymore. Neil is bringing the KTC's Ditch Witch and will be doing a lot of the heavy work with it. We need a good crew to detail, tamp and finish the tread. KTC and LMBC will provide most of the tools. Bring a shovel and rake if you can. (mark with you name, good idea)

Dress warm, work clothes, eye protection...

We can also take a look at the areas in the East End that are going to
be redone this year.

Lunch at Johnnie's.

Art King

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