Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cow Patties Win Rapture in Misery

Another great showing by the Cow Town Cycling Team at the annual Rapture in Misery. In the Fast division the Cow Patties team (Ashley Blum, James Forristal and Brent Gowin) fought back from a fist lap mishap to take the class win with our Trail Grazers team (Craig Myers-Areth, Jeff Arnaud and Keith Baker) securing the final podium position. It was a tight battle for the entire 12 hour with the Trail Grazers leading for most of the day. Proving that in endurance racing the event is usually decided on the night laps, The Cow Patties team took over the lead after 12 hours of racing to secure the lead on the final lap.

In the Coed class our Mad Cow Stampede team of Gerard Arantowicz, Carolynn Locke and Chris Locke team placed second. All day long Gerard showed that he had great form after finishing the Wilderness 101. Carolynn's first RIM was a success for her as she completed two laps of the tough course. They also earned a special award with Mr. Locke winning the prize for the fastest night lap.

Rich Anderson Teamed up with Doug Stone in the 6 hour duo class and lead for most of the day. Rich, who was suffering from a back injury, posted some fast times with help from Kansas Siddhi Yoga's Gina Caputo. Gina worked with Rich after each lap to keep him going strong. Again it came down to the last lap where the lead was lost to the Bike Shack duo.

In the 6 hour solo division Mike Classen never gave up and climbed up to 4th place after a mechanical and a bad crash. Eric Tiffany put in 5 hard laps to earn a top 10 spot.

Results and photos are up at Heartland


TeamSeagal said...

Big thanks to Rich for the Pabst!

Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose said...

Chris, you are so generous with giving props! I'm just grateful Cowtown has a rider like Rich who believes in how much yoga complements his other hard training. Thanks so much!