Monday, April 7, 2008

Ouachita Challenge Results and Pictures

The 7th Annual Quachita Challenge was held this past weekend in Oden, AR. The Ouachita Cycling Club put on a great event with a ride on Saturday and then the race on Sunday. Both events sell out quickly so be sure to put this event on your "must do" list.

The Womble and Quachita trails were used to make up the majority of the planned 60 mile route. Due to the recent rains that the area received parts of the course had to be cut out. The final course distance turned out to be about 52 miles, but with the muddy conditions it felt more like 75 miles...

Still waiting on the official results, but here is what I do know. Jeff Winkler (former National Collegiate Road Champion) won the overall title in 4 hrs 29 min. For Cow Town Rich Anderson had a great race to finish in around 25th (~5hrs 20 min). Chris Locke finished in 35th (~5hrs 30min). Randy Cartwright had some mechanical troubles but still finished in 51st. Mike Classed ended up coming in a little under 6 hours, 30 min.

Below are some pictures Carolnn Locke took:

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Randy said...

I just noticed the guy's jersey that is standing beside me in the very first picture you posted. Team Skin has got it right, I wonder if we can put something like that on our jerseys!