Wednesday, March 26, 2008

USAC Upgrade Requirement Changes

The upgrade requirements for road and CX have been changed significantly. Please check them out in the USA Cycling Rulebook, either hard copy or online. You can also access the upgrade requirements via the discipline-specific pages of the USA Cycling website. The essential differences compared to last year are as follows:

  • There is now a tiered scale of points based on how many participants were in the race. In some cases, this will make it easier to upgrade, especially in classes with small fields, but it will take more races to do so as the points are fewer.
  • If road races do not meet the distance requirement to be considered a road race, they may still be long enough to be considered a criterium or circuit race. In that case there is a different points table to use, but points would still be available.
  • The parameters for upgrading from 4 to 3 on experience alone have been modified

The new policy on upgrades can be seen at

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