Monday, February 4, 2008

Trails Funding Needed.

The Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) is considering
requests to fund three different trails projects. Please go to http://
to sign a form to let them know you want
these trail projects funded. The form will send email to the PIAC and
City Council Members in the appropriate districts of Kansas City, MO.
Feel free add your own message or send the suggested messages. The
deadline is Feb. 8.

Trolley Track/Indian Creek Connection
This project would connect the popular Trolley Track and Indian Creek
Trails, as well as a new trail along the Blue River. It would provide
a continuous trail from the Plaza all the way to Olathe, KS.
Currently there is no safe way to get south of 85th street in KCMO.
To go south you must use Holmes or Wornall. This message will go to
representatives from the 5th and 6th Council Districts.

Hodge-Smithville Trail
This project will link Pleasant Valley Park and the new police
academy with Hodge Park and the Shoal Creek Valley neighorhood. It is
part of a longer trail corridor that will eventually go all the way
to Smithvile Lake. This message will go to representatives from the
1st Council District.

Shoal CreeK Trail
This trail segment will connect existing trails along Maple Woods
Parkway, Route 1, and in Happy Rock Park.This message will go to
representatives from the 1st and 2nd Council District

For more information see:

Laurie Chipman

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dirtdobber said...

I encourage everyone to act on this. It only takes a minute to support this very important issue.