Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Le Tour De Tick


Another good showing by Cowtown Cycling at Neosho Tour De Tick MTB Race:

Christopher Locke handed out his business card in his field by beating a newcomer local in his race. Although a derailed chain almost derailed his chances for win number 4 in as many races.

Carolynn Locke locked first place up in her field by taking the lead mid-race when the leader (who was a doctor) had to respond to a beeper call. Carolynn rode steady on an admittedly unsteady course of loose rocks and sandy patches.

Neil Orange said "NO" to the Beginner 20-29 field by placing first in
commanding fashion, taking the lead early on and never letting goal. Neil may be responsible for bring the "Mario Mullet" back in fashion. Trends are cyclical.

"Comeback Kid" Rich Anderson finished a fine 3rd in the Sport 30-39 Class after trading pedal strokes with some seasoned veterans in a breakaway-style lead group. Keep an eye out for Rich to improve on this placing in future races.

I didn't catch Leonard's placing, so someone needs to update the report on him. Edit - Leonard got 2nd place....

Chris Locke held second spot in the Expert field until mid-race, when breakfast of waffles eggbeaters and sauasage decided to resurface. Chris had to back off from his position, but can still take comfort in last week's stunning performance.

G Arantowicz chose the singlespeed again for a course that offered just a little bit too much climbing to make it beneficial. He finished mid-pack in the Sport 30+ class after detonating like on tactical nuke on the 3rd lap.

Tune in next week for Perry.....


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