Monday, October 13, 2014

The Robidoux Roundup Report

Team Horizon Cycling Team put on the Robidoux Roundup CX race Sunday.  The course featured a nice flowing course with some sweet single track thrown in that connected the two fields to made up the 1.1 mile course.

The event was very popular up in Saint Joseph.  It even made the News Press Now - CX Report

Results can be found on Kansas Cycling - Robidoux Roundup CX Results

The climb of the day was even harder with the recent rains which lefte the course soft in areas. Many thought this course was the best designed so far this year.  Hats off to the Jason Douglas, Randy Tracy and the rest of Team Horizon Cycling for having the event and putting so much work into the course.  It really showed.

Tire Pressure was on everyones mind.  With the single track sections, a few roots and some slick mud finding the balance was key to success. 

The Single Track sections were enjoyed by most riders.  A pleasant change from the normal venues and lets hope we get more in the future.

Riders with some mountain bike background did very well.  Micah Gordon showed he has some roots off-road and took the win in the Men's Cat 1/2 class.
JP Brocket who is no stranger to off-road racing had a strong showing taking 2nd place over Shadd Smith.
The worlds tallest barriers were build especially for this event.  Even taller riders had trouble.  I could not imagine what shorter riders thought of them.
Mark Smelser took his second win of the season over home town boy Christopher Farney.   Mark is peaking for next weeks Kansas State Cyclocross Championships.  Look for Mark to move up to the Men's Cat 1/2 class soon (at least lets hope so :-))

Good times to be had out on course.  Many riders were looking forward to the fun Robidoux course.  What they were not looking forward to was those hills during the final laps.  Course was fun but the climbing added up quickly. 
Midweek rains left the course a little slick in areas especially on the off camber downhills.  Hit the right line and they are a joy.  Wrong line and you are in for a wild ride.  Christopher Locke demonstrates how to take the fast line.

Carolynn Locke was out on course taking some fine photos along with Roger Harrison. Several of Rogers photos can be found in this report along side of Carolynn's.  These two take hundreds of photos each week and we thank them for that.

Action was fierce during the opening laps of many racers.   Here David Wathen chases Galen Hansen of Epic Cycling.
Julie Higgins raced to a 3rd place in the Women's Cat 1/2/3 class.  Look for Julie and her Women's Free State Racing Team at next weekends Joules Cross event in Lawrence, KS

Tige Lamb in route to a win the Masters 40+ class.  Not bad for his first cross race of the season. 

Doug Long in route to another Master's 60+ win.  He caught many of the Masters 40+ and 50+ riders on his way to the top of the podium. The only trouble out on course for Doug was those super tall barriers.

Speaking of air.  Some riders just use normal air from a floor pump, but Eric Burch uses helium in his tires to help float over the barriers.

Tom Price ran away from the masters field winning the 50+ division and was the overall fastest master.

John Williams and Chris Locke battle during the first few laps of the Master's class.  John would earn 5th place on the day.
Cow Towns Tige Lamb earned his first cyclocross win of the season in the Men's Masters 40+ class.  Paul Aldeguer of Big D Cycling worked his way up to 2nd place.  Terry Higgins of 360 Racing was on the final step of the box.
Ethos Racing's child prodigy Victoria Brocket won the Women's Junior class.  Victoria was one of those riders who excelled in the single track.
Finn Smith of the KCOI U20 team and son of the one and only Shadd Smith earned 2nd place in the Junior class today.  Finn has taken to cross just like his dad and even beat his result on this day.

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