Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cross News Shorts - 12/25/12

December has been a very busy month for any cyclo-cross enthusiast.  Iowa, Missouri and Kansas all crowned their 2012 state cyclo-cross champions earlier in the month.

Iowa Championship Results
Missouri Championship Results
Kansas Championship Results

Congrats to Christopher Locke of Cow Town for earning a silver medal in the Missouri State Championships.  Dave Wathen earned at 9th  in the Men's 40 -44 division.

Racing continued last weekend with the Lost Trail Cyclocross race.  A new event held at the Louisburg Cider Mill.  An interesting venue and fun race.  It brought back old memories of past cyclocross races with a very MTB friendly course.  Complete Lost Trail results
Congrats to Chris Locke for taking his first CX win in many, many, many years. 

Tige Lamb came out of cross retirement to earn 2nd place in the Masters 40+ class.

Interested in trying out some cyclocross races yourself?  Well right here in KC we have 3 events to pick from over the next week.

Boxing Day Cross - 12/26/12
Grote Prijs - 12/30/12
Cross off the New Year - 12/31/12

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