Monday, March 30, 2009

Cow Town Takes "Brutal" Black Locust Win

Several events were postponed this weekend due to an early spring winter storm (Dogwood, Spring Fling and Bazaar), but nothing could stop the athletes at the Black Locust Duathlon. The SAC River Trails usually hold up to wet weather well, but the week long storms combined with Saturday's continued rain and cold weather turned the course into real challenge for everyone including overall male winner, Cow Town Cycling's Chris Locke "These off-road duathlons are meant to be fun and challenging, but today's course and conditions were just plain brutal. Nothing like running in 38 degree temps amid down pouring rain. Most of the trails had a steady stream of water running down them. You really had to be aggressive and both mentally and physically strong to finish today". The organizers and volunteers put on a great event with plenty of prizes and food. They kept everyone in good spirits and made sure everyone safely completed the event. Complete results and pictures will be up later.

Our South East division continue to put in some great results. Selby Holler took his second win of the year at round #2 of the South Eastern AMBC series. "I decided to attack from the start today and it all worked out for me" Selby won over a hard charging Scott Pun and Tim Vollack of team Outlast Energy.

Round #2 of the Midwest Fat Tire Series was also held this weekend. A couple of inches of snow and the spring storm did not stop everyone form having a great time riding those Council Bluff trails. Andy and crew put on another memorable Rim Wrecker. Congrats to Cow Town's Garet Steinmetz for taken a well deserved 5th place in the Marathon class. 3

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Chris Locke. "The Beast from the East"