Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Riders Down

Just as the weather is starting to improve and Spring is in the air, two local riders recently have been put on the disabled list due to injuries.

Roger Harrison had surgery to repair his ailing knee. From Roger "Due to the result of the surgery performed on the Lanterne Rouge this afternoon, the prognosis of a slow recovery will cause this Category Six rider to miss the start of the 2008 Tour De France. Local racers should be wary of any of his entries as he attempts to return to his elite status form by racing in the Kansas, and Missouri areas. The Lanterne Rouge's surgery, performed by the Veterans Administration, has proven the elite status of this hospital and their staff"

Cow Town Cycling's Ashley Blum was out training on the Landahl trails in preparation for the start of the 08' mountain bike racing season when he crashed on one of the many technical sections. A visit to the doctors office showed a broken bone in his wrist. When asked for a comment the only thing Ashly said was "Never try to keep up with Rich on Rim Job..."

We wish a speedy recovery to Roger Harrison and Ashley Blum.

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