Monday, March 25, 2013

God's Country MTB Results And Pictures

Round #1 of the UFD West Series is in the books.  A fine event if I do not say so myself.  We had participants as far away as Fargo North Dakota.  The United Federation of Dirt is really growing.

A huge Thank You to all the great volunteers who came out and helped.  Without you this event could not have taken place.  Congratulations to everyone who came out and raced.  You all fought the elements and showed the true spirit of mountain biking.

Results:  2013 God's Country Mountain Bike Classic

Pictures (more to come)

Roger Harrison's House of Photos: 2013 God's Country Mountain Bike Classic Photos

Guru's Photos: 2013 God's Country Fat Tire Festival Photos


street urchin said...

"Are undecided about racing? If you sign up early and can’t attend on race day, we can rollover your registration fee to next year or apply the fee to one of our other events on the calendar. Now you can have peace of mind and not have to worry. This guarantee is for both the Duathlon and our Mountain bike event." Can you let us know how to make this happen? Prob close to 50 people who would like to know. Thanks!

dirtdobber said...

We have always had a very generous refund policy. If you register for one of our events and an event in your life causes you to be unable to attend, we will transfer your entry to another event (or to another person) or issue you a refund. Events that would qualify for this policy are death in the family, injury, call to duty, sick child/parent, work project that will cause you to not attend. If we cancel or postpone and event we will refund or transfer your entry. This goes above and beyond what any other team/event management company offers.
One event that does not quality is if you chose to not attend because of the weather.

Giving a refund because of weather conditions on race day is just not possible. It would also not be fair to all the volunteers or the other participants who were able to make the event.