Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boss Cross #1

Rick Barrett and I did our best to represent Cow Town in the CAT3’s at Boss Cross #1.  I haven’t seen the results posted online, but I think they had about 34 starters.  I, unfortunately, was the last to line up.  Rick had a great starting position and was off with the leaders.  The course was pretty narrow on the first corner and if you weren’t in the front group, you had to almost come to a complete stop.  So, I ended up chasing the whole day.  Since the course was not very technical, but fast, it looked like to me, that where you lined up is about where you finished.  Rick trashed his rear derailleur and was not able to finish and I managed to make my way up to 27th.  Not a great showing, but it was my first CAT3 race since I upgraded back in 2009.  It’s great to be back racing and hope to get a better starting position and finish tomorrow.   

I didn’t see all of the race, because I was warming up, but I think Tim Greene pulled out a 12th place finish in his Master’s race.

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