Monday, May 5, 2008

Women's Criteruim - A Great Success

Roger Harrison and his crew put on the 2nd Annual Lanzing Daze Criterium on Sunday. This is a special event and will contiune to grow in the coming years.

Pictures can be found at Roger's House of Photos.

From Roger:

A tremendous success. I want to thank all the support from the Lansing Community, the Police, EMS, Street Department, School District, City Hall, and the Mayor. The event has improved due to the efforts of your community spirit and the efforts of Teri Chang, Amy Whittaker, Stacie Louthan, Mike Patterson, Lamont Cranston, Joe Tripodi, EMan, Chris Locke and Mark Thomas. This event will continue next year but at a different venue in Lansing. Through the efforts of these persons this event is growing and becoming a mainstay in the area for racing. See you on the roads, hopefully very soon, Roger.

Results below:

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